The CECIL Bill

The CECIL Bill is the most dangerous anti-hunting bill ever produced. If enacted, this bill would change the face of international hunting forever.

The Future of Botswana’s Elephant

We salute the efforts of Botswana's President Masisi as his administration looks to science-based wildlife management and considers reopening elephant hunting in their country.

The Truth Matters

We have all heard the saying perception is reality. Hunters are experiencing persecution based on emotions, not science, like never before. But the truth is that hunters are the true conservationists.

The Game’s Uncertain Future

If politics supercedes science-based wildlife management, we will have placed the death sentence on Africa's game.

A “Growing” Dilemma

Without the irreplaceable financial benefit that legal sport hunting brings to the rural people who live among the wildlife, the game will ultimately disappear, as surely as the human population swells to devour it.

The Unheard Voice

As the debate continues between the anti-hunting community and those who believe in the "Conservation Through Hunting" model, the unheard voice is the rural African who must live among the wild animals. It is these people who are most affected when politics supercedes science in the management of wildlife.

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