The mission of the DSC Frontline Foundation is to provide financial relief for the following:


(a) professional hunters and their assistants who are killed or seriously injured in the course of providing professional hunting services or anti-poaching activities;

(b) survivors of government agents, rangers or game scouts who are killed while providing anti-poaching activities;

(c) survivors of wildlife conservation professionals who are killed while providing professional services related to the conservation of wildlife.


The individuals we seek to help are often on the frontline of hunts or anti-poaching activities and are therefore exposed to the dangers inherent in hunting and supporting activities.  These same individuals are unlikely to have adequate, or any, health insurance. They are unlikely to have life insurance or disability coverage. As a result, a serious injury has the potential to be even more devastating to these individuals than to most of the rest of us. The death of a primary breadwinner could have equally dire consequences for most of the people we seek to help. Likewise, wildlife conservation professionals such as game wardens and biologists are also on the frontlines of their professions and are exposed to the inherent risks of apprehending violators and risking their lives to protect wildlife. Although they may have certain benefits afforded by their employers, their families face the same dire consequences as the families of professional hunters and their assistants if they are killed.


The DSC Frontline Foundation recognizes that for many hunters the quality of the adventure is due in large part to the quality and experience of the guide or outfitter. This is particularly true in the case of international hunting adventures and big game trips. It is critical to have guides, outfitters and assistants who have experience. Gaining that experience often involves working under harsh and dangerous conditions. With experience comes increased risk of serious injury or death. To provide relief for injuries or compensation for the survivors of those who are killed, and to help ensure that those who are injured can return to professional hunting, the Foundation maintains a fund from which distributions to qualified individuals can be made. The Foundation also recognizes the important contributions that game wardens, biologists and park rangers make in the conservation of wildlife along with the inherent risks of their professions.